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We follow up after serving patients and measure treatment outcomes for improvements.
We follow up on a patient after serving and measure treatment outcomes for improvements.
We follow up on a patient after serving and measure treatment outcomes for improvements.


A description of how Mega Aid Compounding Pharmacy works: customized medications production, patient monitoring and support, measuring outcomes, improving treatment with the provider A description of how Mega Aid Compounding Pharmacy works: customized medications production, patient monitoring and support, measuring outcomes, improving treatment with the provider
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healthcare providers reviews of Mega Aid Pharmacy

No drowsiness from gabapentin for my neuropathic patients, or no risk of liver injury for my patients on terbinafine for nail fungus. If patients can’t receive Mega-Aid Compounds, I would have to prescribe regular medication that they must take orally causing my patients potential side effects that can be avoided with the use of topical compounds.
Mega Aid has a dedicated pharmaceutical consultation to determine the best possible formulation for patients based on their medical history diagnosis, and response to the treatment.
I found the acceptance of this treatment in my practice higher than the usage of PO medication. It has helped me to reduce opioid consumption which can cause severe and adverse reactions including death from respiratory depression, which is currently a epidemic in the state of NY.
Here are some of the reasons that Mega Aid is a great option for patients and prescribers: - patients and providers alike are happy with results they can see; - the Pharmacy makes prescribing as seamless as possible; - the service and quality of compounds are excellent.
The benefits of being able to prescribe topical compounds to help with their pain management is that I am able to reduce their pain, muscle and joint stiffness. Usage of NSAIDs and sodium channel blockers such as gabapentin adversely affect liver, kidney, and mental functions in patients who take them orally. Without being able to prescribe compounds I would subject my patients to these possible side effects.
The patients using Mega Aid Pharmacy products have not reported a single down side of it, but they have told me that the products I prescribed from Mega Aid Pharmacy have helped them a lot without any complications, so far.
I am notified if treatment isn’t as effective for my patients so that I can help improve the treatment for the patient by tweaking the formulation of compound they are receiving to a more effective medication.
Mega Aid Pharmacy has a variety of options that are very effective to treat multiple skin conditions. My patients love hair loss compounds, acne compounds, rosacea compounds, and many others.


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We adhere to the highest industry standards


Employee qualifications

Highest levels of education, licensure, certification and competencies for each employee complemented by elaborate trainings and assessments.

Processes & documentation

Clear policies and procedures for prescription processing, proper usage of equipment, compounding preparation, and units interactions.

Facilities & equipment

Requirements for appropriate equipment usage, regular calibration and maintenance, and strict rules for the production facility area.

Compounding formulations & creation

Using USP-quality chemical ingredients and compliance with the highest standards of dispensing, mixing, packaging & storage of the compounds.
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Questions and answers


What is a compounding pharmacy?

/ A compounding pharmacy creates custom-made blends of ingredients in a single treatment tailored to each person's needs. Some patients may need specific ingredients removed due to allergies, while others require precise doses or forms unavailable in standard drugs. Such meds are prescribed only by a doctor.

What is the difference between a compound and a standardized mass-market drug?

/ The main difference between a compound and a standardized mass-market drug lies in the customization of formulation based on individual patient needs. Compounding allows for customization of the set of active ingredients, their strength, and the dosage form of the medication. This customization not only caters to individual requirements but also minimizes the risk of adverse effects, ensuring a tailored and well-tolerated treatment approach aligned with the unique health profiles of patients. Mass-market products, on the other hand, often cater to the general population, potentially leaving the individualized needs of certain patients unmet.

Why choose a compounding pharmacy?

/ Each person has a unique body, so one-size-fits-all doses can be suboptimal. Compounding pharmacies offer personalized medications, avoiding generic solutions and providing precise dosages and formulations tailored to individual patient needs, leading to effective and targeted treatment outcomes.

Why would I entrust my treatment to Mega Aid Compounding Pharmacy?

/ effective treatment with minimal side effects provided by customized medications tailored to your specific needs;
/ adherence to the highest industry standards in compounding creation, employee qualifications, processes & documentation, equipment validated by PCAB/ACHC accreditation and USP-compliance;
/ monitoring of your treatment progress through Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and, if necessary, collaboration with your physician to enhance your treatment plan.

What types of medical conditions does Mega Aid Compounding Pharmacy treat?

/ Mega Aid Compounding Pharmacy specializes in treating various medical conditions, including Neuropathy/Diabetic Neuropathy Pain, Arthritis Pain, Nail & Skin Fungus, Hair Loss in Men & Women, Dermatology issues, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Sexual Dysfunction, Behavioral health, and Hemorrhoids, offering customized medications tailored to address the specific needs of each patient.


Mega Aid compounding pharmacy serves healthcare providers and their patients:

/ in all five boroughs of New York City

/ across New York State

Brooklyn Army Terminal 140 58th Street Suite 8G Brooklyn, NY 11220
Mega Aid Pharmacy II Inc
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