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Mega Aid website accessibility statement

How we made our website accessible for people with disabilities.


Mega Aid Compounding Pharmacy is passionately committed to ensuring that our online platform is not just accessible, but welcoming and user-friendly for everyone. We recognize the diverse needs and abilities of our users, and we've tailored our website to make it a smooth experience for you.

Mega Aid Compounding Pharmacy has voluntarily undertaken efforts to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.2 (WCAG-2.2) at Levels A and AA requirements to maximize accessibility of web content.

Explore the accessibility features on our website:

Features for visually impaired visitors that can be activated via an in-built plugin

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    Readable font and clearly underlined links for enhanced readability and easy identification, making your experience more enjoyable.

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    To enhance readability, users can effortlessly adjust text size, accommodating both those who require larger text for clarity and those who prefer a more compact display.

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    Our website offers options to switch between grayscale and high contrast modes, catering to individuals who may find these visual settings more comfortable.

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    For those who benefit from negative contrast or a light background, our site provides customizable display preferences to suit individual comfort levels.

Keyboard navigation features for individuals with limited hand mobility

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    Scrolling through all pages to view content may be performed with “arrow” buttons.

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    All clickable title navigation via the keyboard may be performed by using the “TAB” button (next title) or “Shift+TAB” (previous title)

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    Dynamic blocks where information changes by clicking on headlines or images may be performed by using the “TAB” or “TAB+Enter” buttons

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    All fields of the “Book a meeting” submission form may be navigated by using the “TAB” and “arrow” buttons. Submitting the form after filling fields may be performed by pressing “Enter”

Technical features

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    To further assist screen reader users, we provide alternative attributes for images and videos, offering descriptive text to convey essential information.

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    We have implemented heading structures for page elements, facilitating smooth navigation and comprehension for all users.

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    Additionally, our site's structure is designed for compatibility with screen readers, allowing easy navigation and access for individuals who rely on this technology.

How to Contact Us

Our commitment to providing the best possible online experience is ongoing, and we value your feedback. As we continually strive to meet evolving accessibility standards and legal requirements, please understand that our efforts are ongoing.

We appreciate your input and encourage you to report any accessibility issues by contacting us at

Your feedback is crucial to our commitment to delivering an inclusive online environment. Thank you for choosing Mega Aid Compounding Pharmacy!

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